by Ruth Bendig

Finished Size
7 1/2" circumference (about a women's size Medium)

  • yarn: worsted weight, one ball each Main Color (MC) and Contrast Color (CC).

    For the Slytherin mittens pictured above I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted; MC = Tornado Teal/#121, CC = Silver Sage/#107

    Suggestions for other Hogwarts house colors:

    Hufflepuff: Impasse Yellow/#037 (MC), Pepper/#0338 (CC)
    Ravenclaw: Blue Knight/#022 (MC), Silver Sage/#107 (CC)
    Gryffindor: Bordeaux/#200 (MC), Sunburst Gold/#308 (CC)

  • needles: size 5, double pointed and/or circular.*
  • darning needle for weaving in ends
  • stitch holder or waste yarn
  • markers

  • *Note: I used the Magic Loop method to construct the mittens, including the thumb. You can also use two circular needles, double pointed needles, or a combination of the two methods (Magic Loop or two circular needles for the hand, with double pointed needles for the thumb).

    6 stitches = 1" in SS

    CO = cast on
    MC = main color
    CC = contrast color
    STS = stitches
    SS = stockinette stitch
    PM = place marker
    MIL = make one left
    MIR = make one right
    SSK = slip, slip, knit
    K2TOG = knit two together
    DP = double pointed needles


    Cast on 44 sts in MC. Arrange as evenly as possible on two circular or four double pointed needles. PM and join. Work K1, P1 ribbing for 3".

    Change to SS. Knit one row, increasing one stitch at the end of the row. Total stitches: 45. Knit 1 round even.

    Begin thumb gusset. Knit across 22 sts, PM. MIL, K1, MIR, PM. Knit to end. Total sts: 47; 3 gusset sts between markers. Knit 1 round even.

    Knit increase round: Knit to marker, MIL, knit to next marker, MIR, slip marker, knit to end (you will increase two sts in every increase round). Increase in this manner every fourth round, until you have 15 sts between markers.

    On the next round, place the sts between the markers (gusset sts) on waste yarn or stitch holder. Remove gusset markers, and increase 1 st on the left hand needle to close the gap. Knit to the end of the round. Total sts: 45.

    Next round: change to CC, knit 3 rows.

    Change to MC, knit 5 rows.

    Change to CC, knit 3 rows.

    Change to MC, knit straight until the mitten reaches the tip of the little finger (approximately 4 3/4").

    Begin decreasing for top.

    Round One: k1, ssk, knit to last three sts of needle 1 (end of needle 2 if using four double pointed needles), k2tog, k1. On needle 2 (3), k1, ssk, knit to last three sts on needle 2 (needle 4), k2tog, k1. Four sts decreased.

    Round Two: knit

    Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 20 sts remain.

    Repeat round 1 only until 8 sts remain.

    You may close the mitten using Kitchener st or by breaking the yarn, threading the tail through the remaining sts and pulling tight. Fasten off.

    Construct thumb. Place sts on needles, then pick up and knit 1 st over the gap and join. Total sts: 16.

    Join and work in the round until the thumb reaches the top of the thumb (about 2" from pick up round).

    Decrease for top: *k2tog; repeat from * until end of round. Break yarn, thread tail through remaining sts, pull tight. Fasten off.

    Weave in ends, using tail of thumb yarn to darn any gaps.

    Enjoy your mittens!

    this pattern and image copyright Ruth Bendig 2005. Given here for personal use only.